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Event Specific Training Plans, designed by our qualified and experienced coaches. Tailored to your goals/abilities and also the course itself.

What's included:

  • Event plan customized to align with your running background

  • Each day is set out with run distance, pace zone, type of workout

  • Manage your training on the Final Surge mobile app or webpage

  • Communication from your coach via email* 

  • Sync your training calendar with Garmin Connect and workouts to your watch** 

  • Update your workout notes with perceived effort and any notes for your coach

  • Plan can be modified throughout the month

  • Access to all the TSRC group sessions

  • By signing up to an event-specific training plan, you will be prioritised for ongoing coaching at the completion of the plan

*Please check spam/trash folder add
**Only compatible with Garmin devices

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How do event training plans work 


Complete the questionnaire and Purchase your plan. Sign up to Final Surge Coaching Platform (free) and download the app for your mobile


Your coach will send you a Final Surge Coaching invite. Review your questionnaire and build your training plan. 


Get notified when plan is uploaded to Final Surge 

Start training!

Event training plans 

busselton marathon & half marathon - 12 February 2022

 12 Week Plan starting Mon 22 November - $249

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