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Joining the TSRC Team

  • A personalised training program designed for your fitness level and specific goals 

  • Training program will include a mix of speed sessions, easy runs, long runs, hill work all aligned with your goals

  • Workout integration between Final Surge and Garmin Connect means no more thinking about the workouts, let the watch guide you! 

  • Analysis and feedback on your training with adjustments as necessary via Final Surge

  • The perfect balance of training stress and recovery to optimize your performance gains safely and prevent overtraining

  • Training program delivered online in 4 weekly blocks using Final Surge

  • Ongoing unlimited support from your coach using the Final Surge platform or email

  • Optional catch-up meetings with your coach to review current progress and goals

  • Race day advice, pacing, nutrition, and support including post-race review

  1. In-person consultations with are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and location. This will be discussed during the initial contact period.

  2. Final Surge is a free online service with corresponding mobile apps - if you don't have an account you will be requested to create one. Alternatively plans can be provided as PDF attachments via email - please advise if this is preferred.

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