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Our coaches' prior experiences with the course, drink station locations, undulations of the course, and varying weather conditions will set you up for success on your training journey.

We can answer your questions of what to expect, how to prepare your race strategy and pacing to provide you the best opportunity to achieve your goals.


Meet our Coaches!



The plans:


  • Designed for runners with at least 30km per week of consistent running volume over 8 -12 weeks

  • Tailored to suit the Busselton Runners Club Half Marathon and Marathon courses


  • Plans commence 22nd November 2021


Busselton Runners Club Half Marathon and Marathon


The course starts on Geographe Bay Road and initially heads east, following a loop through the car park where it will then head back out onto Geographe Bay Road heading west.


It will continue on to King Street where it will cross back onto the dual-use path and make its way on the path down to Abbey.


There will be a marked turnaround point and you will then head back towards Busselton.

The finish lap will again be a loop through the car park but instead of diverting onto Geographe Bay Road, there will be another turnaround point in the car park so you will head east to the finish line.

The marathon is two laps of the above course.

Note: The Marathon event requires proof of a sub 4hr 30m finish time in the last 2 years to enter, and has a cut off of the same time.


Entries are limited to 200 places in 2022. Please ensure you have secured a place for the marathon prior to sign up.


Refunds will not be offered if you can not secure a place, you will be offered a plan for the half marathon instead.

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