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Premium TRail      Coaching

» A personalised 12 week training program designed for your fitness level and specific goals moving onto a rolling monthly subscription (No minimum term)


» Initial self run session to determine training paces based on your current running fitness


» Analysis and feedback on your training with adjustments as necessary via Final Surge


» The perfect balance of training stress and recovery to optimize your performance gains so you can reach your full potential


» Training program delivered online in 4 weekly blocks using Final Surge


» Ongoing unlimited support and contact as and when needed

» Pre-event or post-event review sessions via phone or in person


» Daily reminders of your workouts via email


» Optional monthly catch up to review current progress and goals via phone or in person


» Race day advice, pacing, nutrition, and support 

» Monthly trail-specific workshops covering a variety of subjects including, trail running technique, gear, nutrition, and much more


Ready to start or take your training to the next level?


This package is ideal for any runner of any ability, who looking to work closely with a coach on an ongoing basis, to maximise the effect of their training and achieve new levels of performance.

Beginning with a brief online questionnaire, followed by a phone consultation (email exchange if preferred) or in person to consolidate and set your running/event goals.

Your training program is then created and delivered in 4-week blocks. This will contain specific details of each session detailing the distance, pace and time. 


Your program can be adjusted dynamically as situations change and daily challenges dictate. One major benefit of this package is the ongoing coach-athlete communication, essential for problem-solving and adjusting the plan to fit with you.


Your 12  week training program is then delivered (usually 2-3 days following consultation) using the online training log Final Surge   

(or email if preferred) which is compatible with Garmin, STRAVA, and other popular online platforms.


The minimum period for this package is 12 weeks, firmly believing that this is the minimum time-frame you need to give to a specific program, to release the performance benefits. 


Package Price $450 (includes initial setup and 12 weeks of coaching

(continued by a 4 weekly subscription of $37.50 per week)

  1. In-person consultations with Ben are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and location. This will be discussed during the initial contact period.

  2. Final Surge is a free online service with corresponding mobile apps - if you don't have an account you will be requested to create one. Alternatively plans can be provided as PDF attachments via email - please advise if this is preferred.

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