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Tony Smith

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Athletics Australia - Level 2 Coach

Tony Smith


First and foremost, Tony has a passion for running. He doesn’t profess to be born with natural talent, but over 20 years in the Armed Forces has given him a discipline and work ethic that is second to none.

Tony has combined his passion and work ethic to help others succeed in their running goals.

He is a firm believer in keeping an open mind to what is considered the best way to coach runners. Whilst he is a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach, Tony believes in continually innovating and is always learning new coaching methods strategies to assist others in meeting their running goals, whether this is for runners simply starting to run through to ultra-distance marathons. The key point is that Tony recognises we are all different and therefore applies the most appropriate training strategy for his runners.

Tony Smith


Running Highlights

2021 Kep Ultra 100km 1st (8:53)
2021 Sandman 50km 1st (3:45)
2021 Australia Day Ultra 50km 2nd (3:23)
2019 Berlin Marathon (2:42)
2019 City to Surf Marathon 5th (2:45)
2019 Australia Day Ultra 50km 1st
2018 Running Works Trail Ultra 50km 1st
2018 Bunbury 50km 1st
2016 Goldfields Trail Marathon 1st
2016 Feral Pig Trail Ultra 50km 1st
2016 Lighthorse 12 Hour Ultra 2nd (123km)

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”- Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

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