Vici Richardson

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Athletics Australia - Level 2 Coach

Vici Richardson


Vici started running 20 years ago in the UK and after joining a local running club, became a regular on at events ranging from 800m track to cross country and off-road ultras.

After moving to Australia in 2015, Vici jumped on the triathlon bandwagon but always defaulted to running as the discipline she most enjoyed. Although not naturally talented at any sport, Vici realised that grit and determination work wonders in helping to break through pain barriers. Her fling with the dark side culminated with Ironman Busselton in 2019, and running again became her focus throughout 2020.

Vici's passion for the sport is driven by a desire to achieve better than yesterday but she also places great importance on running to help manage the stresses of everyday life.

Vici is keen to support and encourage runners of all abilities to gain enjoyment and positivity from running and achieve their goals.
"I'm excited to contribute to the fantastic community Tony has built and feel honoured to have been given the opportunity."

Vici Richardson


Running Highlights

Marathon: 3:20 – Busselton Marathon 2020  

Half Marathon: 1.34 – Perth Half Marathon 2020 

10k: 43.15 – Fremantle 2020 

5k: 20.19 (Unofficial TT) 

Full Ironman: 13:15 – Busselton


2019  24-hour race: 120km – Thunder Run, UK

2014 Run Director at Perry Lakes parkrun and regular runner.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” - John Holmes