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about Ben

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits” Anon


An avid trail runner, Ben has gravitated towards longer and challenging race formats. While not always on top of the podium Ben has had much success in his amateur running years dating back to his first road ultra in 2014 finishing eighth in the 50km event.


After years of writing programs from hard earned lessons and assisting others to success in their own events Ben has formalised his qualification as a Level 1 Run Coach to join the Tony Smith Run Coaching Team, complimenting Tony’s road race expertise specialising in training for trail events.

Ben believes in using goals and races for motivation while having some flexibility in training targets to keep training for those goals fun and effective.

With a similar military background to Tony, Ben has similar values when it comes to training dedication and commitments to both his clients and their goals.

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accreditation & Qualifications


Athletics Australia Accredited Coach 2020

Athletics Australia - Level 1 Run Coach 2020


Running Highlights

2019 Great Southern Endurance Run, 171km with 10,500m v+, Silver buckle finish in 37 hours 30 - 8th

2019 Birdy’s Backyard Ultra, 87.1km 2,500m v+, 13 hours 7th

2018 Waterous Trail On Foot, 161km 3,300m v+, 23 hours 30, buckle finish - 12th

2017 6 Inch Trail marathon, 47km 900m v+  4 hours 14 - 33rd

2017 Great Southern Endurance Run, 181km 10,300m v+, 42 hours 38, Bronze buckle finish - 17th

2017 Waterous Trail On Foot, 82km, 1,600m v+, 8 hours 19 - 1st

2016 6 Inch Trail Marathon, 47km, 900m v+, 4 hours 16 – 25th

2016 Lighthorse 12 Hour Ultra, 102km – 10th

2016 Watrous Trail On Foot, 161km 3,300m v+ 20 hours 59 – 3rd

2016 Feral Pig Ultra, 50km 1,000m v+ 4 hours 44 – 4th

2016 Australia Day Ultra, 50km 3 hours 46

2015 6 Inch Trail marathon 47km, 900m v+ 4 hours 10 - 24th

2015 Waterous Trail On Foot, 161km, 3,000m v+ 21 hours 45 - 1st

2015 Goldfields Pipeline Marathon, 42.2km 150m v+, 3 hours 12 – 5th

2015 ANZAC Day Challenge, 100km 10 hours 21 – 10th

2015 Lark Hill Dusk Till Dawn, 50km 5 hours 8 – 15th

2015 Australia Day Ultra, 50km 4 hours 10 – 6th

2014 Waterous Trail On Foot, 82km, 1400m v+ 9 hours 14, - 8th

2014 Bunbury 3 Waters, 50km 103m v+, 4 hours 44 – 8th


In addition, Ben has raced or volunteered at almost every trail event in Perth including a previous event ambassador for the Perth Trail Series

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