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  • I'm not a fast runner, is your program right for me?"
    You bet! Tony coach’s everyone who wants to run. The only criteria is determination. If you are goal-oriented and determined to reach your goals then we're here to help, no matter what your pace.
  • If I sign up for the Premium Coaching Package, what if something (illness, life stress, injury) comes up and need to take a break from the training?"
    Should life get in the way and for whatever reason you are unable to continue we can pause your account until you are ready to go again.
  • Do you coach ultramarathoners?
    Yes! Tony is an accomplished ultra runner with lots of experience to pass on. Click here to contact us about our ultramarathon coaching program.
  • Do you coach triathletes?
    Yes and no. Although Tony is happy to help multi-sport athletes with their training, he can only effectively help with the running. If you want a full program with all sports, then we recommend you work with a multi-sport specific coach (can recommend).
  • Does the Premium Coaching Package really have unlimited contact with my coach?
    Yes! And, this begins with our initial consultation where we get to know each other. The coach/athlete relationship revolves around great communication so you have UNLIMITED contact with Tony via Final Surge, email, text, call….
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